When Vegans Use Racism To Harass Black Farmers.

The color of my skin should not dictate my personal lifestyle, who I vote for, who I marry, what I eat or how I choose to procure said food. As an American Conservative who happens to be black, I am used to reading comments from people that attack me based on skin color. I am used to waking up and reading racist YouTube and Facebook comments that insult me for criticizing political parties and ideologies that I disagree with. It wasn’t until I started homesteading and openly advocating for self sustainable meat, fur and hunting practices that I realized that attacks on my identity would persist in the, “Right to Farm” battle. While majority of the racially charged comments come from white vegans and animal rights activists, I’ve received slurs and racially based arguments from people of a variety of ethnic groups. So I do not believe the comments are made out of specific racial hatred for black people. Quite the opposite. I believe these comments are made out of frustration that one's personal stereotypes of a racial group is not being affirmed. For example, I am constantly accused of being an oppressed individual by virtue of my race. Or that I should, “know” discrimination. This is under the assumption that my life is constantly under the thumb of some oppressive entity. That I am a victim. A slave to my society. Even worse that I am like an endangered species that needs coddling by know better white vegans. Because of it, I need to be taught better by those who know better than me. A condescending concept is it not? Anyone who stereotypes my existence as oppressed and victimized clearly does not personally know me.

Firstly, I was raised in

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