Patty’s 2018 Chicken Breed of the Year

This breed has impressed me so much over the year , that I just want to breed some more!

2018 was intense! and so was the coop activity. Despite the sweltering summers and the recent freezing winters, there was one bird in my flock that stood out with her ability to lay eggs almost all year (even in the winter). That bird, is my White Leghorn.

The White Leghorn originates from Europe. Specifically Italy, Denmark and England. Despite their small, athletic build, they are egg laying powerhouses and rarely go broody which allows them to lay eggs all spring and summer without interruption. Their large white eggs are nationally recognized as, "those eggs in the grocery store". When properly taken care of, these birds never lose their health and beauty, despite using up so much calcium to lay a large white egg everyday.

Because my flock is made up of Easter Eggers, a mixed breed chicken, I am used to seeing little to no eggs in the winter. That all changed when I was given a leghorn earlier this year. I almost consistently see a big white egg when my other girls have taken a break. Only recently has her flighty and nervous nature eased back, but her reliability and existence is loved all the same.

If you're looking for a reliable, small, chicken breed with good foraging behavior with large eggs and "business only" personality, this bird is most definitely for you!

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