A Message To Ursula Wiedman. The Woman Who Fired A Black Model For Being Conservative.

This was the message I sent to Ursula Wiedman. Who fired a Conservative black woman because she attended a young black leaders meeting with President Donald Trump.

Dear Ursula Wiedman,

Hi, I’m a black conservative. Just like Zoe. And while you don’t know me. I’ve heard of you. And I have something to say to you. If you care about black People, then I hope you care to listen to some of us who don’t follow the expectation and stereotype of who black people are and how we are. We are all different. 

Your firing of Zoe is honestly disgraceful. And I accept and respect your right as a private business to determine who you wish to work with. But did you even bother to ask Zoe what her views were? Lemme guess. You assumed them. Because you dislike Trump. And that’s fine. That’s your right. But what did Zoe do that was hateful? Attend a rally with other black people at the White House? That’s hateful? Hunny let me explain to you what hate actually is since your privilege is clearly blinding you to what hate actually looks like. Hate, is when you tell black People what opinions they can or cannot have. Hate is when you preach diversity and inclusivity after you fire the only black girl on your firm because she went to meet Donald Trump. Hate is when you chastise her for liking white men. Hate is when you degrade her like you’ve done. You SHOULD be ashamed of the behavior you’ve displayed. You can have whatever views you want. ITS YOUR RIGHT. But at least be honest. You don’t believe in inclusivity. You don’t believe in tolerance. And you don’t believe in diversity. You loved Zoe before you knew she was Conservative. The reality is you loved Zoe, because she was black. Not because she was Zoe.