No, Brandon Kirkwood. 4H is not a Terrorist Organization.

A debunking of Vegan New's most outrageous claims made in his video against 4H. 

It's okay to be vegan. No, really! It's is okay to be vegan. But being a vegan and being an activist are two different things. Activism is popular now-a-days because of the attention and money it brings in. Being an activist means rallying hard for your cause. 

Even if it means making extreme and innacurate statements to advance your cause.

This time we are addressing the claims of an activist vegan named Brandon Kirkwood , who runs the YouTube channel and Facebook page Vegan News.  Kirkwood's anti-4H video is unsurprisingly, innacurate, when you take into account his extremist stance that the hundred of years old American organization is a "terrorist organization". Which Kirkwood says twice in the video. When Kirkwood was questioned and made fun of for the video's innacuracies he quickly made a second video in his car, nervously giggling that farmers and 4h'ers were playing semantics about what he said. 

Look Brandon, it's not "semantics" to correct innacurate claims. So, we are going to do a breakdown of why Brandon Kirkwood is wrong:

Brandon claimed that 4H is connected and affiliated, or run through Future Farmers of America organization. The claim is blatantly false. 

And even if 4H were ever run through the FFA, what's the problem with that? I have to assume that Brandon  brings it up in an attempt to poison the well. By negatively bringing up the FFA he makes 4H appear in a negative light for no real and good reason. The second innacurate claim is Brandon insinuating that 4H kids are taught to not be compassionate to their animals. This claim is false. 4H kids are expected to care for their animals to the best of their ability and with extremely high standards. A large portion of animals involved in 4H aren't even sent to slaughter. Even if they were, 4h kids nurtured and cared for them in the best of their ability with love and diligence. The purpose of this activity is for children to have a personalized and up close look at where their food comes from (should they choose to consume it). To say that these kids lose empathy for their animals because of 4h is clearly debunked in Kirkwood's own video which shows crying children that are preparing to take their animals to auction. Regardless of where they end up.

Third, Brandon implies that 4H gives out loans and that these loans are bad. First of all, 4H doesn't even personally give out the loan, other organizations and government itself provides what is called "Youth Loans". These loans can go into helping a kid pay for 4H services that end in profit for the youth involved.  And, what's wrong with loans Brandon? A loan is a voluntary thing. It's not forced on any 4H participant and vast majority of people in 4H NEVER take out loans. Loan givers are essentially investing in these Youth to help them make their own money. What's wrong with that? Fourth, Kirkwood implies that 4H doesn't have gardening projects. This is blatantly false and easy to debunk. 4H has an EXTENSIVE national gardening curriculum. Their gardening program extends to many Universities and one runs independently called Grow For It. Here is the North Carolina State program: 4H also does sewing and other hands on projects. Lastly, and most absurd of all claims, Kirkwood calls 4H and 4H families terrorists and serial killers. I don't even have to debunk that one its just looney and stupid to say. 

What's really upsetting and sad is that many vegans and non vegans will be naive and ignorant enough to believe what Kirkwood is spouting. Veganism and society itself is already filled with ignorance and lies in the name of activism. When will they be willing to listen to real educated farmers with experience instead of "educated" idiots?

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