The Best Chicken Nuggets Ever Recipe.

I posted a picture of my home made and home raised chicken nuggets and people went wild asking for the recipe! Let this be the start of patty's cookbook!

What You Need:

*I do not use measuring in this recipe. I keep it as real as I can can.

-Cut up chicken meat


-2 Eggs

-Your Favorite Spices (Mine are)

Onion Powder

Garlic Powder

Cayenne Pepper

Italian Seasoning

Greek Seasoning


Black Pepper

Creole Seasoning

-Hot oil (Wesson or Vegetable Oil)

-Buttermilk is optional

You can also make buttermilk by putting vinegar in milk and letting it sit for a couple minutes before stirring.

You will need a spatula or fork to get the chicken out the pot. 

You will also need a paper towel to drain the excess oil on the plate.


1. Pour flour into a bowl or on a plate  and pour your spices into the flour. Be generous! When you stir your flour, you want it to have color!

2. Crack the two eggs into a bowl and whisk them together until smooth. 

3. Turn your stove on the temperature that gets your oil hot. It is important that while the oil heats up you get to work battering up your chicken to avoid a chance of a fire from oil that is too hot.

4. Take your cut up chicken pieces, dip them in the egg FIRST then cover all sides with your seasoned flour. 

Do this twice

5. Drop pieces into hot oil. Let them cook until outside is nicely browned and crispy. The chicken will be thoroughly cooked.

Make sure you turn your pieces for even cooking.

Don't forget to give your oil a break if you begin to see smoke. Avoid a FIRE.

6. Get your chicken out of the oil using a fork or spatula and lay them on paper towel to drain. 

Once your chicken cools down, ENJOY with any condiment you love!

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